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TOM HICKMAN - Artist/craftsman
Tom painting.png

Tom is a self taught artist and craftsman living in New Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis. Sheep and wool are a way of life in the Outer Hebrides and they influence Tom's creative work. the scent of peat and the rasp of tweed enhance his folk-art images, while the intricacy of his stump-work embroidery will remind visitors that he is part of that noble tradition of embroiderers, stretching back as far as the middle ages. Tom's paintings and unique stitched pictures are well worth visiting at the end of the Broad Bay trail. Alongside his art, Tom will also be presenting antiques including his father's ceramic collection of early 19th century blue and white transfer ware.

Studio 17 New Tolsta, HS2 0NN  - turn right at the gallery sign.

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