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Debbie Cullis




I am an exciting, lively and prolific artist. 

I moved to the Hebrides to live the artist's dream after back-packing holidays round the Isle of Skye and Scotland in May 2003.

Then, later taking to the Highroad in a Motorhome for two years, living a frugal lifestyle. I returned in 2007 to re-launch my gallery and coffee shop, called 'Island Arts.'  I was so inspired and overwhelmed by the Scottish landscape, wild flowers, sea, skies, birds and wildlife.  Then, my journey began to paint my experiences.

I am a professional associate member of the Society for All Artists and have contributed to articles, gallery pages, competitions and letters to the editor in their magazine.

I also have a passion for teaching painting in a variety of mediums.

I have been shortlisted three times for International Competitions with 'Pebble Beach,' Ring Plover on Snail Shells' and 'A Smile in the Snow' and feel privileged to enter 'Artist of the Year' every year.



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Charly Hamlyn

L 12         CHARLY HAMLYN  Ceramicist

As a ceramicist, Charly is inspired by the colours and forms she sees around her in the hills and coastline of our beautiful islands and by the wish to produce sustainable items that can be used and cherished for years.

She creates wheel thrown stoneware for decorative and functional use – bowls, mugs, jugs, small goblets and cups. More recently, she has been crafting some smaller, hand-built pieces including dishes, buttons and pendants.

Each piece is individually made and decorated in a variety of ways – turned, carved, impressed with leaves, flowers or Celtic stamps before having its first firing in the kiln. It is then further decorated with oxides and glazes, before having a second firing at a higher temperature. This finalises the journey of the clay from malleable earth to fixed form.


Charly Hamlyn Ceramics

19 Crossbost


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Fiona Lane


Fiona is new to Open Studios Hebrides this year. Fiona is influenced by the colour of the seasons and changing light. She travels widely and not lightly taking her paints and canvases with her.

Fiona paints outside capturing the colours of her surroundings and then finishes and frames her work in her home studio. Fiona has exhibited widely round the UK and ships to most countries.


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Bronwyn Mackenzie


Bronwyn is a young artist from the Hebrides who is currently in her final year studying a degree in painting at Gray's School of Art. Her work looks at our relationship to landscape and our spiritual and cultural connection to sense of place, Hebridean light and time.

Bronwyn's work uses traditional processes within oil painting practices, which means that the work is made on hand built and stretched canvases and board. The work is made using natural materials e.g. rabbit skin glue, oils and waxes and some pigments found in the Hebrides. Her work looks at landscape through painting and sculpture in a way that captures the true entity of the Hebrides.

Bronwyn was awarded the Daniel John Stevens award for excellence in painting from Gray's School of Art.

Emma Mackenzie

L 13    EMMA MACKENZIE Textile Artist

Emma lives and works on the Isle of Lewis. 

Her images are created through a series of processes which have been adapted and learned through experimentation.  Initially she uses fabric like a canvas, hand painting or printing the landscape or seascape on to the surface.  This becomes the background image. Further to this, a textile surface is created using a process called free motion embroidery combined with fabric collage and overlay of paint.  This process is unique and yet emulates a painterly effect.

It is only on closer viewing that the delicious textures of stitch and fabric can be seen.


Emma’s work often depicts the movement of birds or water and she would like the viewer to feel as if they are almost walking through the scene.