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19 Crossbost

Charly Hamlyn

Venue Information:

Crossbost is 2 miles beyond Leurbost on the shores of Loch Leurbost. Go a further 100m along the road from The Weaving Shed, on the opposite side of the road.

CHARLY HAMLYN - Ceramicist

As a ceramicist, Charly is inspired by the colours and forms she sees around her in the hills and coastline of our beautiful islands and by the wish to produce sustainable items that can be used and cherished for years.

She creates wheel thrown stoneware for decorative and functional use – bowls, mugs, jugs, small goblets and cups. More recently, she has been crafting some smaller, hand-built pieces including dishes, buttons and pendants.

Each piece is individually made and decorated in a variety of ways – turned, carved, impressed with leaves, flowers or Celtic stamps before having its first firing in the kiln. It is then further decorated with oxides and glazes, before having a second firing at a higher temperature. This finalises the journey of the clay from malleable earth to fixed form.


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The Weaving Shed

Miriam Hamilton

Venue Information:

Harris Tweed weaving demonstrations.


I am a Harris Tweed weaver, seamstress, designer and artist living and working in the small township of Crossbost on the Isle of Lewis.

4 years ago we  bought a dilapidated house on the Isle of Lewis. A retired weaver taught me to weave and sold me his loom. I learned the basics required to weave on a single width Hattersley loom and passed my test piece to become a registered Harris Tweed weaver. Since then I have fulfilled my dream to have my own sheep and have hand spun wool from my own fleeces, weaving them into a luxurious unique tweed, which I am now crafting into throws, shawls, cushions, scarves and neck-warmers.

My inspiration for my tweeds comes directly from the landscape. My sister weaves full time for me now. As we weave we measure out set lengths for shawls, throws, scarves etc and weave each one in unique colourways, so that no two are ever the same! Everything that I sell can also be made to order in your choice of Harris Tweed, lining, size etc. 


Handcrafted Harris Tweed clothing, accessories, bags and home-wear plus original watercolours, paintings on feathers and jewellery crafted from sea glass, Lewisian Gneiss and shells


Island Arts


Venue Information:

Gallery and coffee shop serving teas, coffees, light snacks and home-baking.

Debbie Cullis


Debbie is an exciting, lively and prolific artist. She moved to the Hebrides in May 2003 with her partner, Paul Smith. After taking to the High Road in a motorhome for two years, they returned to re-launch the gallery in 2007.

She was inspired by the sea, skies, landscapes, birds, wildlife and Scottish wildflowers.  Then, the artistic journey began, to paint her experiences. She paints realism, stylistic, contemporary and modern styles.  She likes to mix and match together photos to make aesthetic compositions. Her work has developed from using a variety of different mediums to mixed media.

She also produces a range of published and hand-made cards, also hand-crafted shabby chic gifts.

Debbie's partner, Paul Smith, also paints atmospheric oils of seascapes and landscapes. He paints from his past experiences of the rural countryside.

Fiona Simes

Venue Information:

 Artist's own studio.


Fiona Simes studied Fine art and Print making in Hastings and Plymouth before moving to Skye in 1992. Her deep abiding love of the Highlands and Islands is a constant source of inspiration. She puts her heart and soul into her work, trying to catch emotional responses and the mood of a particular moment. The landscape, the history of a place , environmental issues, wildlife and the stories of peoples’ lives are important to her and colour her work in subtle ways.

She is married to a fisherman, has a big family, cats and sheep. Her small lino prints depict elements of a busy life in the Hebrides.

She looks forward to welcoming you to her new studio in Laxay..the kettle’s on!

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5c Achmore



Venue Information:

Mhairi Law

MHAIRI LAW, ISLAND DARKROOM - Photographer, Cyanotypes, Textiles

Mhairi is an award-winning photographer from the Scottish borders, now living and working on the Isle of Lewis.

She has a traditional photographic darkroom where she creates her photography, cyanotypes and textiles and clothing using her prints combined with Harris Tweed.


Mhairi is continually energised by the raw beauty the Hebridean environment - from the vast vistas of moors, cliffs and moody skies to the  simplicity of peat line or machair flower.

Mhairi runs workshops and residencies and also hosts exhibitions by other artists and photographers.

Island Darkroom is in the village of Achmore - 5c Achmore, HS2 9DU