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Eilidh Jamieson

Artist and Illustrator

Eilidh creates bespoke watercolour map illustrations with hand-painted gold to highlight cherished locations or golden Hebridean beaches.

Her business’ main theme is the idea of ‘home’, which she hopes to capture in in every print . The gold is a simple touch that can show where you love the most.

You can find a variety of Eilidh's merchandise in her new shop in Stornoway, Ejay Design such as stickers, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs and prints.



22 North Beach

Stornoway HS1 2XQ

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Ed Lewis

S 10       ED LEWIS
Artist and photographer

My work as an archaeologist, producing archaeological site plans, sections and artefact drawings and historic landscape characterisation helped to give me the background to fulfil my early ambitions to become a wildlife artist.  

It is only in the past few years that I have had the time to pick up a pencil/paintbrush again since giving up professional archaeology and moving to the Outer Hebrides. One of the reasons my wife and I moved here is its rich and diverse wildlife and landscape, something I wanted to capture - both graphically and digitally.

I've always been interested in nature, science and history, and as a child I used to draw a lot, trying to capture as realistically as possible the natural world around me. As a result, I try to produce realistic, almost photographic, paintings and drawings. I suppose this is the scientist in me - I have an almost forensic eye for detail.

In my photographs and artwork, I try to capture the detail or 'essence' of the subject (whether it be animal, plant or landscape), but using an artist's eye for composition, placing and light.



Donald Libby

S 7 DONALD LIBBY   Sculpture and Art

Donald is a local artist based in Stornoway. His unique work uses debris found on the island's beaches. He works his magic on discarded plastic, rusted metal, pieces of driftwood, old fishing buoys etc ... turning beach-finds into colourful and imaginative pieces of art.


Donald's  artwork and sculptures frequently depict lighthouses, harbours, boats and cottages, forming small island dioramas which you could almost step into. 

Donald also creates amazing images from brightly coloured beach plastic which are  spectacular and dramatic.


16 Kiln Ridge

Stornoway  HS1 2TY

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Dotty M Rennox

S 10       DOTTY M RENNOX Artist

My name is Dotty and I have lived on the Isle of Lewis since 1998. I originate from Lanarkshire on 'mainland' Scotland. I work full time in the NHS. I have two grown up sons and spend my time outside of work creating and exploring with my artwork.

I have an eclectic style. I use mixed media (acrylic on canvas /sea glass/ sea pottery to create my art. The land, sea and sky of the Outer Hebrides deeply inspire my work and the colours I am drawn to when I paint. I’m passionate about combing the beaches up and down these islands to find the most beautiful colourful and unique pieces of sea glass and sea pottery. The story of each piece intrigues me. 

I love the space and calm the surrounding environment gives me. It brings me joy and a way to express the creative passion I have within me. It's all about the story, the history, coming to life in a piece of art that speaks to us. Art has become very important to me living in such a wild beautiful place.


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Margaret Maclean


Margaret is strongly inspired by landscapes around her here in the Western Isles and loves depicting scenes in what she does.  From the beach scenes to dramatic coastline scenes through to town and village images.  Also the wildlife is inspiring to her as an artist and she likes depicting them in different media.


Margaret loves trying different styles with different media and using colour for depth.  She also has brought out a range of different merchandise products featuring her own artwork.



45 Sea View

Point HS2 0PD