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 RALPH TONGE - photographer

Ralph Tonge is a photographer, based in North Tolsta on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis where he has lived for the past couple of years.

He has been using a camera since he was 8 years old, but has been creatively most active during the last three or four years.  His passion for photography had always been there, but needed a nudge to unlock the possibilities of the modern camera.

He is primarily a landscape photographer, although living on the Isle of Lewis, it would be very strange if he didn’t enjoy taking photos of the landscape.  He visits locations on many occasions rather than just a one-off visit, looking for the unexpected in the familiar, changed lighting, clouds, rocks, sand, waves, colours, and usually finds it.

He is also working in event photography, product photography, and enjoys a photographic challenge.

He uses exclusively Sony cameras and lenses, and can often be seen lugging his gear around the island at sunrise, searching for the elusive frozen moment of Hebridean magic you can see in his work.

 IAN WILSON - photographer
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Born in Edinburgh but brought up in England , Ian has always considered himself as having a Scottish heritage.

His early interest in photography was nurtured on a Kodak box brownie, recording family on high days and holidays. It was only later that his photographic interests turned to landscape and architectural photography which is what he concentrates on now. That doesn't mean, however, that he excludes other genres such as portraiture, etc.

When starting out on photography it was all analogue (i.e. celluloid film etc.) It was many years later that  digital photography was introduced and became affordable and practical.

Contrary to popular belief, digital photography did not entirely take over from the old analogue cameras and, despite many changes, analogue photography, it is alive and well. There are still plenty of practitioners out there, professionals and amateurs alike.

Ian concentrates on black & white analogue photography and only occasionally uses digital. He considers himself to be an enthusiastic amateur, having worked full time locally until retirement.

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