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David's drawings and paintings are a response to living on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. Whilst abstract in essence, the tide, rocks, beach, sea, weather, light are the subject matter of his work. Paint is encouraged to run, drip, flood, wash, move across the surface and against collaged edges in the same way that water behaves as it washes over the beach surface or pools around rocks. Lyrical in nature, the paintings aim to form an experience of the landscape and are not a literal interpretation. It is hoped that, through the working process, the paintings eventually form an integrity and identity of their own.

Tide Beach DavidKnight (003) cropped.jpg
Coastal Construction DavidKnight.jpg
Coastal Light DavidKnight.jpg
Coastal bottle-M Uttley.jpg
sand, sea and rock-M Uttley.jpg
Boulder Valley-M Uttley.jpg

Margaret aesthetically responds to the relationship between the vast sky and the Atlantic ocean, which leaves one feeling vulnerable and microscopic in one's own existence. The drawings and paintings aim to deal with this  feeling of scale and synergy within figurative forms. The atmospheric elements interchange within her work in order to form a lyrical, environmental cohesion.

The tactile surface textures found in nature entice Margaret to explore the dexterity of the painting and drawing materials, in order to suggest these varied surfaces and growths. Recently she has been working with clay, another beautifully expressive medium, making modest vessels and bottles that echo the coastal environment of Uig.

Cliff Studio Valtos was set up 3 years ago at the home of full-time artists David Knight and Margaret Uttley.

They both work throughout the year and the studio is open for visitors from April - October.

There is a designated parking area for 4 cars. The nearest toilet facilities are at Reef Beach which is about a 4 minute drive away.

Cliff Studio David Knight work.jpg
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