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Venue Information:

Artist's own studio. 


My background is in Conservation, outdoor recreation, community and environmental education, a sector I worked in for many years before starting Dancing Flower Crafts. My love of the outdoors is the main source of my inspiration for my craft designs, and when I’m not sewing I’m outside exploring the magical Hebrides.

I design and make all my own crafts, and I rarely make more than one of an item. Harris Tweed® is much more than a cloth, The touch, smell, richness of colours, everything about it is so special. it is steeped in history and every fibre is part of the Hebrides. Harris Tweed is a cloth which deserves a lot of love, care and attention to create unique crafts. 

I have a small Craft shop in Carloway which you can visit all year round.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

I am always making new designs and I love working on special commissions, so if you have a special item in mind for a gift, or for yourself, get in touch.

Emily Holmes

Gallery 5

Tolsta Chaolais


Venue Information:

Artist's own Gallery.

Margaret Stevenson

Gallery 5 is in the picturesque crofting village of Tolsta Chaolais on the west side of Lewis. Converted from what remained of an old blackhouse, it is now a unique light-filled studio gallery, a great space for both artist and visitors.

The location is stunning with views across Loch Roag to Bernera and the Uig hills, a source of endless inspiration. It's here that Margaret Stevenson, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, paints in oils and watercolour capturing the mood of the islands, its forms and life.

‘An interest in light has been developing in my painting for a time and during lockdown I did a series of paintings for a project for Creative Scotland called ‘Light on the Isles’ to explore the changing nature of light in the Hebrides and the drama of its changing moods. I work from sketches done ‘plein air’ rather than from photographs to try to capture and express the feeling of my subject and portray the wildness and beauty of the islands.’

Gallery 5   Tolsta Chaolais     Isle of Lewis     HS2 9DW        01851 621779


Galson Gallery

South Galson

Venue Information:

Artist's own studio. Directions - on the main road to Ness, turn left at South Galston (signposted and postbox and phone booth on corner). Gallery is opposite Galson Farm Guesthouse. Parking is available beside the gallery.

Andrea Smith
ANDREA SMITH - Textile Artist

I have always loved art since studying it at school. As an adult I have enjoyed many needlecrafts and I began to merge the two media to create textile art. As is the case with many nowadays,  I am concerned with sustainability and so I work almost exclusively with recycled material.

I have been influenced by many artists but gained insight and inspiration from Emma Wigginton, Sarah Ames and Kay Leech of Cumbria. I started making art just for myself, but friends, neighbours and other visitors have shown an interest over the past few years. This has encouraged me to open the gallery to the public.

After living most of my life in Cumbria, I moved to the Isle of Lewis in 2019, after retiring from teaching and nursing. Since my arrival on the island the local landscape has been the primary inspiration for my work. The ever-changing panorama of sea, sky and moors have dominated my creative output.

Instagram: @andreasewislesew


Morven Studio

Venue Information:

A shared gallery space. It will be open for the 6 days of the Open Studios event only.

Alice Macmillan
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ALICE MACMILLAN - Artist/Printmaker

Alice Macmillan is an artist and printmaker based in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Specialising in linocuts, Alice’s work explores the flora and fauna of the Western Isles. Through detailed mark-making Alice aims to capture the subtle movement and tonal qualities of ‘micro-environments’ bringing the scenes to life with details such as: drops of rain, ripples in water or shimmering fish scales. Combined with the subject these details create an energy, a snapshot of a moment in nature allowing the viewer to experience the essence of an encounter with the wild.


Visit website:

Instagram: @alicemacprints 

Facebook: Alice Macmillan

Jane Smith
JANE G SMITH - Artist/ Photographer

Jane is a mixed media artist from the Isle of Lewis who works within the mediums of painting, installation, photography, woven images and ceramics. She is interested in combining aspects of place and identity within her work and likes to draw parallels between her own life and the coastal environment that surrounds her.

The concepts of memories, connections and resilience are of particular interest, all which are well suited to the rugged rocks, powerful seas and plant life of the Outer Hebrides. Jane loves trying to bring aspects of the local environment into her art, whether it is through the visual content, by positioning it and documenting it within the location that inspired it, or by incorporating aspects of the site itself within the piece.

Instagram: @janegsmithart

Elaine Smith
ELAINE SMITH - Artist/Printmaker

Elaine is an artist and printmaker who is currently focussing on hand-pulled screenprints based on local knowledge and stories.

She is a visual and socially engaged art practitioner. Her work explores lived experiences within communities and our relationships to place by gathering stories and folklore, both old and new. Drawing is integral to Elaine’s visual art practice. She seeks to galvanise communication, conversation and exchange through creative activity. She is a freelance practitioner, painter, and screen printer who is currently in her last year of an MA in Art and Social Practice, UHI Shetland College.


Facebook: Elaine Smith - Artist/Creative Practitioner

email :