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Bronwyn Mackenzie Artist

Multidisciplinary - Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Sound.

Artist Statement

Bronwyn Mackenzie Embarks on a transformative exploration of multidisciplinary practice, Graduating from Gray's School of Art in June 2024. The work transcends through conventional boundaries, weaving a rich tapestry that encompasses diverse mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, sound, and digital elements. Immerse yourself in the harmonious synthesis of these expressive forms, each contributing to a nuanced portrayal of natural phenomena.
In my artistic journey, I delve into the intricate dance of wind, tide, and various weather conditions, embracing them as unique methodologies to shape my work. These natural forces become collaborators, guiding mechanisms to create documentational drawings that meticulously capture the precise time, place, and weather conditions of each piece. This meticulous approach allows viewers to experience the transient beauty of these phenomena, frozen in time on paper. Moreover, I employ the cutting-edge technique of bio-sonification, transforming the electrical data from plants into mesmerizing soundscapes. This innovative addition to my Practice elevates the sensory experience, inviting audiences to engage with the unseen rhythms of nature. As I transition from Gray's School of Art, my work stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that unfold when art converges with the forces of the natural world.

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