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Krista Warklate Arts and Ceramics

Acrylic paintings, photography, sculpture and ceramics.

Artist Statement

After a lifetime of drawing animals and landscapes, at the age of 40 I attended art college in Inverness where I completed a portfolio building course and experimented with many new methods of creating art. I thought my journey had ended there but in 2018 I decided to continue my journey and enrolled on a BAhons fine art course at university of Wolverhampton. While there I discovered the hot glass workshop and changed my degree to BAhons Glass and Ceramics. I began my journey in the hotshop but then covid hit and we weren't able to access workshops so working with clay at home was all I could do. I soon discovered a new love of working in this medium. I also realized that it would be a more realistic future as I could never afford the cost of a hotshop. I finished my course with a 2:1 and the Wolverhampton Society of Art prize for ceramics.
My main focus recently has been painting and commissions due to my not having a usable space to create a workshop yet. I am in the process of building my own kiln so the ceramics side will grow soon and I intend to source local materials to create my own glazes. Eventually I would love to use clay as a way to provide therapy...maybe one day....I also use other materials to create sculpture such as chicken wire and modroc and sculpy.

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Back Community Hut

Community Hall, available for hire as block bookings, by the hour, or one-off events.

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